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Manifest Moon Magick

Full Moon Spell Kit

Full Moon Spell Kit

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Embrace the power of the Full Moon Spell Kit and unlock the potential of the full moon's energy. Ignite the white candle, anoint yourself and your tools with the altar oil, hold the Amethyst gemstone close to your heart, and infuse your intentions with the potent herbs from the specialty bag. Let the energy of the full moon guide you on a transformative journey of healing, manifestation, and spiritual awakening. Embrace the power of the moon, align your energy, and step into a life filled with abundance, love, and joy.

Crafted with care and intention, the Full Moon Spell Kit provides you with the tools and guidance necessary to harness the potent energies of the full moon. Each element has been carefully selected to ensure maximum effectiveness in your rituals and spell work.

Kit Includes:
* Complete Instructions
* White Candle
* Altar Oil ***
* Amethyst Stone
* Specialty blended bag of herbs


White Candle: Combining white candles and the full moon amplifies the energy and intention-setting process. Lighting a white candle helps focus intentions and draw in the pure and heightened energy of the moon. 

Altar Oil: Anoint yourself and your tools with our specially formulated altar oil, crafted with intention and infused with positive energy. Its enchanting scent and energetic properties create a sacred space for your spellcasting.

Amethyst Stone: Both amethyst and the full moon are associated with spiritual connection and heightened intuition. Amethyst is considered a stone of spirituality and inner wisdom, while the full moon is often seen as a time for reflection, intuition, and heightened spiritual awareness. Combining amethyst with the energy of the full moon can enhance one's spiritual practices, meditation, and intuitive abilities.

*** When using altar oil, it's important to be mindful of any potential allergies or sensitivities to specific oils. It's also recommended to perform a patch test on the skin before applying it to the body to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Additionally, storing altar oil in a cool, dark place can help maintain its quality and potency over time.


Note: The Full Moon Spell Kit is designed for metaphysical use and should not replace professional advice or treatment. Each kit is crafted with the intention of supporting your well-being and spiritual journey.

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