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Manifest Moon Magick

Evil Eye Multi Strand Bracelet with Feather

Evil Eye Multi Strand Bracelet with Feather

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Embrace the captivating energy of the Evil Eye Multi-Strand Bracelet with Feather and allow its symbolism and healing properties to uplift and protect you. Elevate your energy, shield yourself from negativity, and experience the profound benefits of this remarkable talisman. Unleash your inner strength and walk confidently along your spiritual path, knowing that you are guided and protected by the sacred energies of the evil eye and the wisdom of nature.

This mesmerizing Evil Eye Multi-Strand Bracelet with Feather is a captivating blend of symbolism, natural elements, and spiritual protection. Handcrafted with cowhide leather, non-magnetic hematite, turquoise wood, resin and zinc alloy evil eye charm, this stunning bracelet combines the ancient evil eye motif to create a talisman of healing and positive energy. Allow its intricate design and meaningful symbolism to adorn your wrist as you embark on a transformative journey of metaphysical exploration.

Benefits of the Evil Eye Multi-Strand Bracelet with Feather: 

  1. Spiritual Protection: Wear this bracelet as a powerful shield against negative energies, warding off the malevolent intentions of others, and creating a safe space for spiritual growth and self-discovery.
  2. Energy Grounding: The combination of non-magnetic hematite and turquoise wood aids in grounding your energy, bringing stability, balance, and a sense of inner strength.
  3. Calming and Soothing: The gentle energy of resin promotes a calming and soothing effect, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalances.
  4. Amplify Positive Energy: The vibrant energy of the evil eye pattern, combined with the properties of the crystals and materials, amplifies positive energy, attracting good luck, abundance, and protection into your life.
  5. Connection with Nature: The inclusion of a feather in the design symbolizes a connection with the spiritual realm and the wisdom of nature, guiding you towards greater intuition and alignment with the natural flow of life.


Note: The Evil Eye Multi-Strand Bracelet with Feather is intended for metaphysical use and should not replace professional advice or treatment. Each bracelet is handcrafted with care and infused with positive intentions, ensuring its quality and authenticity.

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